This Blog (is cursed) [2023/05/15]

Welcome to this blog that I hopefully won't forget about.

Window Decorations

100% CSS, no Javascript. There are invisible checkboxes that control the maximize and minimize state of the window. Their respective buttons are just labels.

How post listing and posts work

caddy-cgi. This entire site is just a set of bash scripts and "template" HTML files. The "templates" are just HTML comments that get replaces via ${VAR/a/b}. Markdown is rendered to HTML via pandoc.



PAGE=$(cat ./list.template.html)

function postsMarkup() {
  readarray -t posts <<< $(ls ./posts/)


  for name in "${posts[@]}"; do
    out+="<a href=\"/p/${name/\.md/}\" class=\"filelist-entry\">\
<img src=\"/img/file-icon.png\" alt=\"File icon\" aria-hidden=\"true\"/>\

  echo "$out"

PAGE="${PAGE/<!-- posts -->/$(postsMarkup)}"

echo "Content-type: text/html"
echo "$PAGE"

The main site (is also cursed)

The main site is also a bash script. Links and buttons are read from a set of files and replaced the same way.

What next?

idk lol